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The holy grail of indoor plants and reputed for beingunkillable, the Zanzibar gem'supright growth, dark-green colouring, distinctive shape, and tolerance of shade make it a must-try if youre at your wits endchoosing a plant for your room or office.

Science can't work out whether she's a fern, a succulent, or,the world's oldest plant, a cycad. But, thankfully, she's taken the best from each and become an excellent candidate for a houseplant..

Scientific Name: Zamioculcas

Common/Other Names: ZZ plant, Cassie,Zanzibar gem, ZZ plant, Zuzu plant,emerald palm, welcome plant,

Flower Colours:Although extremely rare if grown indoors, ZZ plants can produce little white, bright yellow, or brown/bronze, spathe-type flowers near the base of their stalks, which are almost identical to the flowers of a peace lily.

Bloom Time:mid-summer to early autumn

Foliage:The ZZ plant bears an uncanny resemblance to an olive branch, butmore succulent and with a glossy, almost wax-like finish. Leaves are pinnate, 4060 centimetres (15.723.6 in) long, with 68 pairs of leaflets 715 centimetres (2.85.9 in) long;smooth, shiny, and dark green.

Maximum Reachable Height:20 cm to 3 ft

Difficulty to Grow:pretty easy-going,able to tolerate the occasional drought/very low-watering and even quite deep shade

Planting:Leaves can be re-grown as new plants.


Keep away from direct mid-summer sun.
Be careful not to overwater.
Sunlight:full sun



Zamioculcas are very easy to maintain - give them a good soak once every week in the spring and summer and let her dry out in the autumn and winter.
Always make sure the first 2 inches of soil are dry before watering; this can take up to 2 weeks during winters.
Fertiliser:Apply a balanced organic fertiliser 3 timesduring the summer months (when you'll most likely see new growth).

Precautions: All parts of this plant are poisonous, so keep away from children and pets and wash your hands after touching it.

Culinary Use: NA

Ornamental Use:upright growth, dark-green colouring, and distinctive shape

MedicinalUses/Health Benefits:

Like many indoor plants, Cassie can improve the quality of air in your room or office.
It's recently been found that Zamioculcas can remove carcinogens, such as Benzene, that are often found in a home.

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