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Verbena, Pink

Verbena, Pink

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This annual and perennialsemi-woody flowering plant,native to the Americas and Asia, held the dual meaning of enchantment and sensibilityin the Victorian language of flowers, and ithas long been associated with divine and other supernatural forces in many cultures.

Butyou maygo for the verbena even if all you're looking forare long-lasting blooms that perform during the hottestof summer heat.

Scientific Name: Verbenaofficinalis

Common/Other Names: Verbena, vervain, medical ironwort, true ironherb, iron grass, holy herb, Devil's bane

Flowers:bright strawberry pink; small to medium-sized,with five petals, and frequently borne on spikes

Bloom Time: summer, fall

Foliage:simple,and in many species hairy, often densely so;opposite and toothed, lobed, or dissected

Maximum Reachable Height:varies, from six inches tall to six feet tall

Difficulty to Grow:very easy

Care:Cultivated verbenas are sometimes parasitized by Sweet potato whitefly (Bemisia tabaci) and spread this pest to other crops. If this happens, apply neem oil directly to infected areas of the plant using gardening gloves.

Sunlight:full sun

Soil: well-draining;tolerates most soil types

Water: water an inch or so once a week

Temperature:hot or warm

Fertiliser:organic, twice a month during summers and once a month in winters

Ornamental Use:very showy and long-lasting blooms of pink

Medicinal Uses:

Although verbena ("vervain") has been used in herbalism and traditional medicine, usually as an herbal tonic, there is no high-quality evidence for its effectiveness.
Verbena has been listed as one of the 38 plants used to prepare Bach flower remedies, a kind of alternative medicine promoted for its effect on health.
According to Cancer Research UK, "essence therapists believe that using essences can help to increase your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. However, essences are not used to prevent, control, or cure cancer or any other physical condition."
The essential oil of various species, mainly common vervain, is traded as "Spanish verbena oil", and isof some commercial importance for herbalism.

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