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Turnera, Yellow

Turnera, Yellow

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Native to the West Indies and Mexico, this flowering perennial frows erect, with dark toothed leaves, and is often found growing by the road.

Scientific Name:Turnera ulmifolia

Common Names:yellow alder, ramgoat dashalong, West Indian holly, turnera buttercup

Flower Colours:yellow

Blooming Time:round the year

Maximum Reachable Height: 3feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow

Care:can be infested by aphids and spider mites

Sunlight: full sun to partial shade

Water:water thoroughly but allow soil to dry out between waterings

Soil:any well-drained, fertile soil

Fertiliser:scatter half a cup of slow-release, granular fertiliser on the soil once in early spring and mid-summer

Culinary Uses:the dried leaves areused as a tea substitute

Medicinal Use:

a recent study showed it can be used as an antibiotic for a specific bacteria called MRSA
used in the Bahamas to treat gastrointestinal problems
used in treatment of cold, flu, heart palpitations, and dermatological problems
an ingredient of gripe water
can be used for certain obstetricor gynaecological issues

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