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Originally from India and brought to South America by East India Co. immigrants, the monocarpic talipot is one of the largest and prettiest palms in the world.

Scientific Name: Corypha umbraculifera

Common Name:Talipot palm

Maximum Reachable Height: a few feet in a pot; upto 100 feet in the ground

Foliage: large, roundleaves like fans

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow in pots

Sunlight: full to moderate sunlight


Water: water regularly so the soil remains moist


Fertiliser: regular, organic fertiliser works best

Precautions: has small, mild thorns

Useful/Special Features:

leaves are used to make fans, umbrellas, tents, and for thatching
were used as paper in ancient times to write Hindu and Buddhist texts
fibre from the stem is sturdy yet pliable
Culinary Uses: various parts are used to make sugar, starch, flour for bread, and sweetmeat

Ornamental Use:its hard seeds are used to make beads, buttons, iornaments, etc.

Medicinal Use: juice from the root is used to curediarrhoea


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