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Shooting Star, Purple Flowe

Shooting Star, Purple Flowe

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The shooting star plant is a small shrub with star-shaped, purple flowers. It is commonly grown along walkways and in front lawns for ornamental purposes.

Scientific Name:Pseudoeranthemum laxiflorum

Common Names:shooting star, purple false eranthemum, star flower, dazzler, amethyst stars, gulsham, pink tagar

Flower Colour:purple

Bloom Time:round the year

Maximum Reachable Height:12feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:does not handle sudden temperature changes well

Sunlight:full sun to partial shade

Water:water when three-fourths of the soil becomes dry

Soil:any fertile, well-drained soil

Fertiliser: use organic fertilise once a month from spring to autumn

Useful/Special Features:shooting star is butterfly fodder

Ornamental Use: mainly grown for its aesthetic value


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