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Its long,multi-green leaves are said to shine like crazy diamonds, and this ficuslives and grows indoorsas happy as a clam.

Scientific Name:Ficus elastica

Common Names: Rubber plant, India rubber tree, Indian rubber bush

Maximum Reachable Height: 3 feet in a pot,upto 13 feet otherwise

Difficulty to Grow: easy

Sunlight: bright but indirect sunlight works best

Soil: organic potting soil that is well-drainedworks best

Water: every other day in the summer, twice a week in winters

Temperature: if it is comfortable for you, it will becomfortable for the plant, indoors or outdoors

Fertiliser: organic; twice a month

Precautions: will not grow in dark or very low-light conditions; avoiddirect sun

Ornamental Use:the plant grows tall and has long, glossy leaves


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