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Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood

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The red sandalwood tree has been listed as an endangered plant. It is in high demand internationally for its red coloured wood, from which the colouring agent santalin is extracted.

Scientific Name:Pterocarpus santalinus

Common Names:raktachandan, red sandalwood, ruby wood, red sanders, saunderswood, lal chandan

Maximum Reachable Height:26feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:watch out for leaf-eating caterpillars in the months of summer

Sunlight:full sun

Soil:well-drained, loamy soil

Water:water regularly; let the top soil dry between waterings

Fertiliser: use nitrogen-rich fertiliser twice a month in summer and early winter

Useful/Special Features:

it is valued for its good-quality, red coloured timber
used in the making of the Japanese musical instrument shamesin
colour extracted for the manufacturing of cosmetics
Medicinal Use:used in traditional herbal medicine as an antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, tonic, hemorrhage, dysentery, aphrodisiac, anti-hyperglycaemic and diaphoretic


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