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Red Iceton Croton

Red Iceton Croton

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TheIceton croton is a stunningly beautiful foliage plant with fantastic leaf colour, shape,and variegation. The mid-green leaves are glossy with pointed tips, and each has a vivid splash of red, pink, yellow or orange - highly ornamental,could almost be considered a work of art. A definite eye-catcher and looks stunning in taller planters. Perfect for home or office.

Scientific Name:Codiaeum variegatum 'Mrs. Iceton'

Common Names:Mammy croton

Flower Colours:infrequent,pendant-style clusters of tiny yellow blossoms that are easily overshadowedby the brightly-coloured leaves

Bloom Time:variable

Maximum Reachable Height:3 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow


may get infested by mealy bugs, thrips, scale, and spider mites; treat with neem oil
sensitive to temperatures and will drop leaves if it falls below 15 degrees C / 60 degrees F
Sunlight:full sun

Water: water frequently; as top soil begins to dry, water again; in winter watering needs reduce; allow soil to dry before watering

Fertiliser:any fertiliser rich in nitrogen and potassium once a month


if ingested in large amounts, may cause stomach problems
plant sap may cause skin irritation

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