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Ram Tulsi

Ram Tulsi

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A member of the mint family, the basil plant is a fragrant, warm-weather herb that is used at social and religious occasions and is found in homes across Asia.

Scientific Name:Ocimum gratissimum

Common Names:tulsi, basil, Saint Joseph's wort

Flower Colours:white


Maximum Reachable Height: 2 feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow in pots

Care:keep harvesting the leaves to keep the plant going strong

Sunlight: full sun, but will tolerate partial sun

Water: do not over water, as this may cause the roots to rot

Precautions:move to a greenhouse or a warm spot in winter; a layer of mulch around the tree should help preserve moisture

Culinary Use:can be used in cooking,in salads, on sandwiches, etc.,generally added at the end to keep its fresh taste and color

Medicinal Use:basil leaves are nutrient-heavy and calorie-light, and may also have anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing, antibacterial effects


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