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Rajapuri Mango

Rajapuri Mango

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Known as the king of fruits, mangoes come from a number of tropical trees belonging to the mangifera flowering plant genus. Cultivated mostly for the juicy stone fruit, the mango plant brings with it smiles and joy every alternate summer.

Scientific Name:Mangifera indica

Common Names:mango, keri

Flower Colours: light green

Bloom Time:March to May

Fruit:green, sour, heart-shaped fruit with hard pulp when unripe; yellow, juicy, sweet fruit with soft pulp when ripe

Maximum Reachable Height: 90feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow

Care: aglaonema flowers are small, green, and spathe-shaped; remove flowers as they serve no purpose to the plant and take up its energy

Sunlight:full sun

Soil:sandy or loamy soil

Water:water generously every other day during the first year; after the first year, water once a week

Fertiliser:feed with nitrogen fertiliser three times a year

Useful/Special Features: in Indian culture,mango leaves are often used to decorate doorways during auscpicious ceremonies

Culinary Use:mango fruits are a universal favourite; can be eaten ripe or unripe, as fresh fruit or in cooking and baking

Ornamental Use: as mango can grow into a large tree, it isplanted serially to make cityscapes greener

Medicinal Use:

the fruit is low-calorie and high in fibre
contains vitamin A, C, B6, E, iron, calcium, folate, and zinc
has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties

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