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Pudina Mint

Pudina Mint

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Known for its distinctive smell, pudina is frequently found in kitchen gardens. Being easy to grow and useful in many ways, this perennial herbis a common favourite among gardeners.

Scientific Name:Mentha arvensis

Common Names:Pudina, corn mint, wild mint, ban pudina, field mint

Maximum Reachable Height: 1.5feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:is susceptible to rust, which causes orange spotting; use organic fungicide and allow leaves to dry between waterings

Sunlight:partial shade

Soil: well-drained, slightly acidic soil high in organic matter

Water:water regularly and let the top soil dry between waterings

Fertiliser: feed every four to six weeks using a general-purpose liquid fertiliser

Useful/Special Features:mint extracts and menthol-related chemicals are used in food, drinks, cough medicines, creams and cigarettes

Culinary Use:the leaves are used in salads and cooking; essential oils are extracted for their unique flavour; dried leaves used in making herbal tea

Medicinal Use:

used in ayurveda as an appetiser and for treating gastric issues
known to induce sweating and cure insomnia
oil rubbed into skin for aches and pains
used in dental-care

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