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Portulaca, Orange

Portulaca, Orange

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A truly beautiful low-growing, ground-covering plant, the portulaca's eye-catching flowers attract people and butterflies alike.

Scientific Name: Portulaca grandiflora

Common Names: Moss rose, Office time

Flower Colours: orange

Bloom Time:early summer to late winter

Maximum Reachable Height: 8 inches

Difficulty to Grow:easy


Sunlight: full sun

Soil:sandy, well-drained; will tolerate moist to dry soil

Water:Although they're drought-tolgerant, portulacas aren't cactii. So water regularly, but you may come home from a vacation and find it still alive and waiting for you without any watering.

Temperature: likes heat and can tolerate dry conditions

Fertiliser: use slow-release fertiliser twice a year

Ornamental Use:work brilliantly as ground cover plantsor hanging in pots


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