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Although it originates in Mexico, this is the number one selling plant in the UK and is used the world over for Christmas floral displays for its brilliant green and red leaves.

Scientific Name:Euphorbia pulcherrima

Common Names:Christmas Flower, Easter Flower, Lobster Flower Plant, Mexican Flame Leaf,Paintedleaf, Papagallo, Pastora

Flower Colours: green and yellow

Bloom Time:winter

Maximum Reachable Height: 16 feet

Difficulty to Grow: medium difficulty

Planting:plant in semi-cool, humid location, in bright, indirect light; after coloured leaves (bracts) fall off, you can choos eto discard the plant or grow it another year; if you choose to continue, relocate to a cool, darker place till next April; don't let it dry out completely

Care:re-blooming in the second winter is a tedious task that requires patience, it requires green-house like conditions and hands-on care; from January to March keep watering whenever the surface is dry; in April decrease the amount of watering; avoid letting the stem dry up; in min-May, repot with new soil and fertilise every two weeks; in June relocate to partially shady region; in October keep the plant in total darkness from 5 pm to 8 am and then place near window; in December, stop fertilising

Sunlight:6 hours of bright but not direct light daily

Soil:organic, sterile, and loose soil; a purchased blend withpeat moss should do well

Water:it prefers moist, but not wet soil, allow water to drain and discard excess water, allow the pot to dry completely before watering generously again

Temperature: 15-21C

Fertiliser:fertilise every few weeks using ordinary houseplant fertiliser

Precautions:do not fertilise at all during blooming season

Useful/Special Features:

Culinary Use: NA

Ornamental Use:poinsettias are valued especially for their aesthetics; their deeply coloured bracts make for natural Christmas decorations

Medicinal Use:used to treat fever, stimulate breast milk production, to cause v


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