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Grown primarily for its fruits, the mosambi plant is a cross between the citron and the bitter orange. Native to Iran, it is famous for its several medicinal properties. If well cared for, the sweet lime plant will grow to give hundreds of fruits every winter.

Scientific Name:Citrus limetta

Common Names:mosambi, sweet lime, Persian lime, sweet limetta, Mediterranean sweet lemon

Fruit:green-orange, round, juicy fruit which taste sour when unripe and sweet when ripe

Maximum Reachable Height:25 feet

Difficulty to Grow:medium

Care:mosambi plants are susceptible to aphids, spider mites, fruit flies, fungal spots and crown rots; use neem oil for pests and do not over-water or over-fertilise

Sunlight:full sun

Water:water regularly; let the soil dry between waterings

Soil:well-drained red soil or

Fertiliser: use nitrogen and potassium rich fertliser once every month

Useful/Special Features:used as an ingredient in cosmetics

Culinary Use:can be eaten as fresh fruit or as juice; also used as flavouring agent in cooking and baking

Medicinal Use:

rich in vitamin C
prevents inflammation and swelling
good for gum health
reduces symptoms of arthritis and rheumatitis
improves skin
helps with digestion and peptic ulcers

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