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Big, trumpet-shaped flowers cover the mandevilla plant from spring through fall, andscrolled flower buds open to revealwhitepetals with yellow throats or all-yellow blooms.

Mandevilla is one of the most versatile plantsyou can add to your collection, andit looks gorgeous outdoors andindoors.

Scientific Name:Mandevilla

Common/Other Names:Mandavela pandhara,Dipladenia white, Mandevilla white,

Flowers:Mandevillas develop spectacular, often fragrant white flowers in warm climates.

Bloom Time:Flowers in flushes throughout the year.


Foliage:glossy, dark-green, oval leaves

Maximum Reachable Height:2 to 4 metres

Difficulty to Grow:medium to difficult

Care:Dipladenia white needa moderate and humid climate for best growth.

Sunlight: full sun to partial shade

Outdoors, mandevilla likes full sun in cooler microclimates and partial shade in places with very hot weather.
Indoor plants like bright sunlight, either direct or indirect.
In the heat of the summer,whether put indoors or out in the open,mandevilladoes best with some afternoon shade.
Soil: very well-drained and fertile


use regular amounts of water, whether indoors or out
water weekly with a deep soaking until you see moist soil, or water draining from the pot
keep the soil moist, but not dripping wet, and make sure it's well-draining
cut back on watering during the winters/let the soil dry out more between waterings
Fertiliser:Use a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month during active growth.

Precautions:Mandevilla is considered to be toxic/harmful.

Ornamental Use:Train your plant. Provide a trellis to support its vigorous, twining stems and to show off those glorious mandevilla flowers. Use plant ties or florist's wire to hold each mandevilla vine in place. Tie the vines loosely so that you don't restrict growth. You may have to re-tie your plant as it grows.

Special/Useful/Other Features:

a rare anddifficult to get plant
can grow on trellis or chain-link fencing
While Mandevilla scabra is sometimes used as an additive to the psychedelic drink Ayahuasca, there is no evidence that it is psychoactive in its own right.

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