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Lantana, Yellow

Lantana, Yellow

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Add a Florida touch to your home or garden with this low-maintenance but tough, evergreen, beautifully flowering, and butterfly-attracting plant of the broadleaf variety.

Scientific Name:Lantana camara

Common Names:raimuniya, tantani, samballei, wld sage, umbelanterna, 'bacon and eggs'

Flower Colours:yellow

Bloom Time:variable

Maximum Reachable Height:5 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:watch out for whiteflies; treat with organic repellant

Sunlight:bright light to full sun

Water:water regularly and don't let the soil dry out

Fertiliser:do not need fertiliser

Precautions:lantana is toxic for both humans and pets

Ornamental Use: the groups of tiny flowers look lovely in flower beds

Medicinal Use:it has antimicrobial, fungicidal, and insectidal properties; used in treatment of cancer, skin irritation, leprosy, rabies, chicken pox, measles, asthma, and ulcers


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