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Kalanchoe Millotii

Kalanchoe Millotii

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English name:Velvet leaf kalanchoe

Vernacular/ Hindi Name: Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe millotii is a succulent plant that is native to the arid parts of Madagascar. It forms a shrub up to a foot high. The leaf is a hazy green and scalloped. Branched, hairy shrub; leaves covered with hairs; pink or yellow flowers.

Use: Commonly it is used for an ornamental purpose and leaves are used in coughs.

Plant height:0.8 - 1.0

Difficulty to grow:it is easy to grow

Care: Kalanchoes need more sunlight, so kindly place it in proper place where sunlight is reached properly.

Sunlight:Full Sunlight

Soil: Porous soil and well drained soil

Water: Low toMedium

Fertilizer:Any organic fertilizer


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