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Jasminum nitidium

Jasminum nitidium

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English Names: Angel Wing Jasmine, Royal Jasmine, Shining Jasmine, Star Jasmine, Windmill Jasmine/

Jasminum nitidum is an attractive shrub like plant that grows by spreading vine-like or is used as a groundcover. It produces white pin-wheel shaped flowers that follow pointed pinkish-purple buds.It is a scandent shrub with numerous, thin, woody branches. Flowers are large, white, tubular, and fragrant.

Use: It is used as a groundcover in beds around living spaces where its fragrance is wonderful.

Height:2- 5 feet

Difficulty to grow:Easy to grow

Care: Keep well watered after planting until established. Trim back with hedge shears now and again to keep it neat and bushy.

Sunlight:Full Sun

Soil:Well-drained and moist soil


Fertilizer:Apply any organic fertilizer


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