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Ixora, Light Pink

Ixora, Light Pink

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Famous for its star-shaped flowers, whichcan bloom throughout the year if well cared for, ixora is a favourite among gardeners.

Scientific Name:Ixora coccinea

Common Names:jungle flame, jungle geranium, flame of the woods, rugmini, chann tanea

Flower Colours:pink

Bloom Time:summer and autumn

Maximum Reachable Height:6 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:can be affected by spider mites and aphids; treat with insecticidal soap

Sunlight:full sun to partial shade

Water:water regularly; keep the soil moist, but not dripping wet

Fertiliser:use organic fertiliser three times a year between spring and summer

Culinary Use:can be frozen in cubes to garnish cold drinks

Ornamental Use:the bunches of small flowers look very attractive when grown in flower beds; used to decorate parks and buildings

Medicinal Use:used in treatment of dysentry and tuberculosis; infusion of flowers and leaves used to treat fever and headache; a decoction of the roots can be used as a sedative


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