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Huernia schneideriana

Huernia schneideriana

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English name(s):Red dragon flower, Red Dragon

Red Dragon Flower is a beautiful succulent plant. Huernia resemble Stapelia by producing the distinctly scented flowers. The smell and the dark red of some types resemble the blood or flesh of dead animals, which attracts the flies that pollinate them.

Uses:Used for decorations in homes.

Height: 5-20 cm long.

Difficulty to grow:Easy to grow.

Care: Plant requires very well-drained soil, coarse and sandy if possible. Plants grow best in shallow containers that allow the soil to dry out quickly. Clay pots further help soil from staying too wet.

Sunlight:Full sun, partial sun, at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight per day.

Soil:Well-drained soil, coarse and sandy

Water: VeryLow

Fertilizer:Apply any Organic Fertilizer.


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