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Heliconia orange

Heliconia orange

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Heliconia is called lobster claw because of the unique shape of its flowers. Native to South America, this tropical plant will lookfantastic inyour flower beds. Its vivid coloursattract butterflies and hummingbirds looking for nectar and shelter.

Scientific Name:Heliconia rostrata

Common Names:heliconia, false bird of paradise, lobster claw, crab claw, hanging heliconia, wild plantain, parrot flower

Flower Colour:orange

Bloom Time:several times a year

Maximum Reachable Height:5feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:excessive watering may cause fungal disease or root rot

Sunlight:full sun topartial shade

Soil:moist, well-drained, rich organic soil

Water:water regularly; don't let the soil dry between waterings but avoid water logging

Fertiliser: use bone meal fertiliser every few weeks

Useful/Special Features:the flowers provide shelter for small birds and lizards

Ornamental Use:the inflourescence can be cut and placed in a vase, where it will last for several days

Medicinal Use:the rhizome is used to treat intestinal pain, jaundice, and high blood pressure


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