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Hamelia patens 'Beyer's Variegated'

Hamelia patens 'Beyer's Variegated'

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English name: Mexican firebush

It is as a perennial, it is evergreen. Fire bush is a showy, fast-growing, semi-woody evergreen shrub that can get up to 3 tall under ideal conditions. It has striking rusty red foliage. Comprises of clusters of orange yellow tubular blooms born through summer and fall to attract humming birds and butterflies.

Uses: Used for ornamental purpose

Height: 3-4 inches

Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow

Care: Watering should be done early in the morning if the soil is dry.

Sunlight: Full sunlight

Soil: Acidic to alkaline, well drained

Water: Regularly-drought-tolerant

Fertilizers: Apply any organic fertilizer


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