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Giant Cane Bamboo

Giant Cane Bamboo

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Native to East Asia, giant cane bamboo is often grown for ornamental purposes. It is edible and when fully grown, can be used to serve several purposes.

Scientific Name:Arundinaria gigantea

Common Names:giant cane, river cane, bamboo

Maximum Reachable Height: 12feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:no serious disease or infection common; rust and leaf spots may occur in harsh environmental conditions

Sunlight:full sun

Water:needs average watering; wait for the soil to dry out before you water again

Fertiliser:use phorphorus-rich fertiliser once every few months

Useful/Special Features:used as structural component to build all sorts of equipment, instruments, vessels, jewellery, furniture, and boats

Culinary Use:young shoots are edible when cooked, seeds are used as a wheat substitute

Ornamental Use:bunches of bamboo shoots give an oriental look, which can be used in landscaping

Medicinal Use:a decoction of the roots i sused to treat kidney roblems and to renew strength


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