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The figis a deciduous tree or large shrub with a smooth, white bark and is grown for its juicy fruits. Native to Middle East and Asia, this plant is often grown commercially as a crop.

Scientific Name:Ficus carica

Common Names:common fig, anjeer

Fruit: pear-shaped fruit that is green when unripe and purple or brown when ripe

Maximum Reachable Height: 33feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow


protect from harsh cold
do not over-water or over-fertilise
susceptible to leaf spots, rust, thrips, and root knot nematodes
Sunlight: full sun

Soil:can be grown in a range of soils, including limestone, light sand, rich loam or heavy clay

Fertiliser:use a high-nitrogen fertilizer every four weeks in the spring and summer

Water:water regularly; keep the soil moist but not soaked

Precautions:the sap of the fruit's green parts is an irritant to human skin

Culinary Use:can be eaten as a fruit;fresh or dry, or used in cooking and baking

Ornamenta Use: with good care, the figcan grow to become a grand, vastly-spreadtree, which also provides generous shade

Medicinal Use:

good source of fibre
helps with diabetes
lowers blood pressure
increases bone density
lowers triglycerides

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