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Ficus Elastica, Rubber Plant

Ficus Elastica, Rubber Plant

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English name(s):Indian Rubber Bush, India Rubber Tree, Rubber Plant.

Rubber Tree is a beautiful tree native to NE India, the eastern Himalayas, and seAsia. Rubber Tree is popular because it is very easy to grow and care for. They can get big pretty quickly, as they are vigorous growers and dont ask for much attention. It grows up to 30-40 m tall, but is usually seen as a smaller garden tree.These tropical plants generally have thick stems and fleshy, variegated leaves. Gardeners value this small, compact plant for its thick, waxy foliage, ornamental flowers and ease of care.

Uses:Used as an ornamental plant.

Height:20 to 40 m.

Difficulty to grow:Easy to grow

Care: Cut below the thinner parts, just above the thick part of the branches. Cut right above leaf nodes. Try to prune the overall size of the plant. Everywhere you prune, new branches will spring up. Think of it as giving your Rubber Tree a haircut. Always keep one set of leaves, at least, so it can continue to make food for itself and regrow.

Sunlight:Needs bright light but prefers indirect light that isn t too hot.

Soil:Place in a light, well-drained compost.

Water:Susceptible to root, so water only when completely dry.

Fertilizer:Implement a balanced liquid fertilizer on a monthly basis between spring and summer.


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