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Ficus Alii, Variegated

Ficus Alii, Variegated

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This large houseplant is native to Asia, mainly India and Malaysia. It became popular because it was commercially grown in Hawaii. 'Alii' is Hawaiian for 'king' Unlike other ficuses, it rarely sheds leaves, tolerates lower light, and can be moved around without causing shock.

Scientific Name:Ficus maclellandii

Common Names:banana leaf ficus, ficus alii, Amstel king

Maximum Reachable Height:10feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:can get infected by mealybugs, scale, and whitefly; treat with neem oil

Sunlight:bright indirect light and partial shade

Soil:good-quality potting mix

Water:keep the soil most but not soggy

Fertiliser: use balanced liquid fertliser once a month

Precautions:cold water may cause leaf loss; use lukewarm water

Useful/Special Features:it helps purify the air

Ornamental use:it is often used in interior decoration


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