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Dianthus japonicus red

Dianthus japonicus red

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English Names: Dianthus, Cheddar pinks, Clove pinks, Gilly flower pinks, wild Clove Pink, carnation

Dianthus is long blooming, perfect for small bouquets-most are fragrant. A cottage garden is not complete without several Dianthuses. All are heat tolerant and low maintenance beauties.The plants are small and usually between 6 and 18 inches tall. Flowers are clustered in heads.This plant has red colour petals with white edges and central light red strips.

Use:Can be used as an ornamental plant in landscapes and gardens. Dianthus is very popular plant as it has many different colored flowers.

Height:1 to 4 ft

Difficulty to grow:Moderately easy

Care: Plant the Dianthus in full sun or in partial shade. The plants need fertile, well-drained soil that is alkaline. Do not mulch around them. Water them only at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry and prevent mildew spotting.

Sunlight: Full sun or partial shade

Soil:Loamy soil/Soil with a pH range of 6.5 to 8.0

Water:Keep soil moist throughout the growing season.

Fertilizer:Use any organic fertilizer


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