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Dianella, variegated

Dianella, variegated

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Dianellas are drought-tolerant, cold-tolerant, multi-coloured leafy plants that are native to Australia. They are grown for their strappy leaves, blue flowers, and olive sized blue berries. They are best grown under a larger tree.

Scientific Name: Dianella tasmanica

Common Names: Flax Lily, Tasman Flax Lily, Blue-berry Flax Lily

Flower Colours: light blue and white

Bloom Time: from winter to spring; flowers occasionally followed by small blue berries

Maximum Reachable Height: 1 foot

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow

Planting: can be by seed, but is best carried out by clump division; apply eco-flo gypsum to soil before planting if you are unsure about fertility of soil; this plant is perfect for mass-planting to fill up those difficult spots in your garden

Care: susceptible to scale infection if planted in shady area

Sunlight: ideal plant for areas with shifting levels of sunshine

Soil: acidic soil, humus-rich soil, clay, well-drained soil

Water: needs plenty of watering in the first growing season; once roots well-established, water only when soil completely dry

Temperature: not below -6C

Fertiliser: manure, compost, organic pelletised fertiliser

Precautions: the fruit can cause irritation to digestive tract

Useful/Special Features: a strong, silky fibre made from this plant is used to make baskets

Culinary Use: NA

Ornamental Use: the colour and texture of the leaves makes it useful as a groundcover, a border plant, and even to brighten up a landscape

Medicinal Use: NA


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