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Designer Ficus Bonsai

Designer Ficus Bonsai

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A very common houseplant, ficus is usually grown around the world for its foliage. As a bonsai, it is often used to decorate patios and front-lawns

Scientific Name:Ficus benjamina

Common Names:Weeping Fig, Benjamin FIg, Ficus Tree

Maximum Reachable Height:98 feet

Difficulty to Grow:medium

Care:do not move the plant, it experiences shock and drops leaves if location changed

Sunlight:bright indirect light and partial shade

Water:water when three-fourths of the soil becomes dry

Fertiliser: use diluted fertilise once a month from spring to autumn

Precautions:this plant is a major source of indoor allergens

Useful/Special Features:it is the official tree of Bangkok

Ornamental Use: often used in interior decoration

Medicinal Use:the root, bark, and leaves are boiled and applied to wounds and bruises; latex is used in Philippines to cure liver disease; pounded leaves used to treat rheumatic pain


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