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Known for theirdistinct smell and flavour, curry leaves are a staple in many Indian diets. Having a curry leaf plant at home makes it easy to add a special aroma to everything you cook.

Scientific Name:Murraya koenigii

Common Names: Kadi Patta, Kadhi Patta, Limdo, Sweet Neem, Curry Vepila, Karaepela, Alakavhaya, Kadarya, Curry Patta, Curry Leaves

Flower Colours:white

Bloom Time:variable

Maximum Reachable Height:15 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow

Care:plucking berries increases leaf growth, prune once a year during spring

Sunlight:full sun

Water:moderate watering; let the soil dry before you water again

Fertiliser:organic fertiliser every 6 weeks

Precautions:aromatic flowers produce berries that turn from green to black; berry seeds are toxic and should not be consumed

Culinary Use:used in Indian cooking because of its unique flavour

Medicinal Use:used in ayurvedic medicine to treat heart disease and infections; good for inflammation; rich in antioxidants and vitamin C; leaves prevent Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and liver damage


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