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Creeping Fig, Variegated

Creeping Fig, Variegated

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Grown mainly for its fruit and ornamental properties, Ficus pumila is native to East Asia. It is a woody, evergreen vine and is a common houseplant.

Scientific Name:Ficus pumila

Common/Other Names:creeping fig, climbing fig, pattharchatti, ivy

Fruit:pear-shaped, green juicy fruit

Maximum Reachable Height:13 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow

Care:vulnerable to scale, aphids, mealy bugs, and whitefly

Sunlight:needs bright light but av

Soil:any well-drained soil will do

Water:about twice a week;water till the soil is fully moist, and then wait for the soil to dry a little before watering again

Fertiliser:use any dilute liquid fertiliser once a month during spring and summer

Culinary Uses:the fruit is used to make jams and jellies

Ornamental Use:as this creeper sticks to surfaces, it can be grown to cover up or decorate walls

Special/Useful/Other Features:used as a rootstock in the propogation of Ficus carica

Medicinal Uses:

fruit and leaves can help increase breast milk supply
used in cases of impotence, lumbago, rheumatism, anaemia, haematuria, chronic dysentery and haemorrhoids

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