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Crassula mesembryanthoides ‘Surprise Party’

Crassula mesembryanthoides ‘Surprise Party’

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English name(s):Crassula; Crassula Surprise Party.

Crassula Surprise Party is a popular succulent up to 20 inches tall. It flowers about 10 months of the year above soft, green leaves which are covered in tiny hairs, giving it a silver shimmer. The leaves are up to 1.6 inches long and up to 0.4 inch wide. The flowers are bell-shapes and bright red-violet in color.

Uses:Great for borders, containers, edging, fillers, ground covers, rock gardens, xeriscaping, and coastal gardens.

Height:5 - 8 inches.

Difficulty to grow:Easy to grow.

Care: Partial shade under cover seems to be ideal. Watering should be restricted from the beginning of winter till spring. Regular use of fungicide in soil is recommended.

Sunlight:Full sun to partial shade.

Soil:Well drained soil.


Fertilizer:Apply any organic fertilizer.


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