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Codiaeum variegatum 'Gold moon'

Codiaeum variegatum 'Gold moon'

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English Name: Croton, Gold moon croton

These colorful tropical foliage plants look great when grown in pots and grouped together with other tropical plants. Croton plants are known for their colorful foliage which has a waxy texture with vertical growth and leaves facing outwards. The more sun or bright light Croton plants receive, the more colorful their foliage becomes.

Use: Can be used for Container, Foundation, Hedges, Houseplant, Mixed Border, Screening.

Height:Up to 10 feet

Difficulty to grow:Medium.

Care: Wipe the dust from the leaves with a clean, damp cloth. Remove dead, decay and infected part of the plant. For insect attack apply neem oil or any organic insecticide.

Sunlight:Full Sun to Partial Shade



Fertilizer:Any organic fertilizer


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