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Cluster Fig Bonsai

Cluster Fig Bonsai

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Native to Australia, Malaysia, and the Indian subcontinent, the gular tree is commonly grown for its fruits. It is a favourite of the Indian monkey and is also a source of food for caterpillars and butterflies. It has religious significant in Hinduism and Buddhism.

Scientific Name:Ficus racemosa

Common Names:cluster fig, Indian fig tree, gular, udumbara, juwi chettu, bimbima

Fruit:round, green-red, edible fruit with many health benefits

Maximum Reachable Height:98 feet

Difficulty to Grow:medium

Care:it responds to stress by losing leaves; stress is caused by under-watering, over-watering,too little light, low humidity, change in temperature, draft, or pests

Sunlight:full sun to partial shade

Soil:grows well in sandy, loamy, and clay soils

Water:keep the soil mosit but not soggy in summer; reduce watering during winter

Fertiliser: use any slow-release fertiliser once a month

Precautions:the sap is poisonous and should not be ingested; can cause skin irritation

Useful/Special Features:

it is grown to provide shade for coffee plants
used as rootstock for common fig
the bark contains tannins
latex used in production of water-resistant paper
the wood is used for construction and industrial purposes
Culinary Use:

the fruit can be eaten raw, cooked, powdered, and roasted
the leaves are eaten as a vegetable
young shoots can be cooked or eaten raw
the liquid from the roots can be drunk as water
Medicinal Use:

leaves used in tratment of diarrhoea
the bark and fruit areastringents
the fluid that exudes from cut roots is used as a tonic
sap used in treatment of gonorrhoea, mumps, and inflammation

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