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Chinese Croton

Chinese Croton

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The leaves of this rare beauty emerge a deep coppery pink and mature to a bronzy green, whilethe undersides are a solid, rich, dark orange-pink or maroon,and the plant is often at its best where both sides of the foliage can be fully enjoyed, making the hardyChinese Croton an excellent choice,hangingor potted. This a veryeasy to grow and rewarding evergreen tropical shrub.

Scientific Name: Excoecaria cochinchinensis

Common Names: Blindness tree, Jungle fire,Excoecaria bicolor, Buta buta

Flowers:none, or green or green-yellow but inconspicuous/very small

Bloom Time: October to April

Fruits:a globose capsule, measuring about 8 mm wide

Foliage:evergreen; opposite, with a shiny and papery texture, about 7 - 10 cm long;the upper surface is dark green and the underside a deep maroon

Maximum Reachable Height: 3 to 6 feet

Difficulty to Grow: veryeasy

Care: make sure the soil is very well-drained (does not store water)

Sunlight:full sun to partial shade

Soil: regular but well-drained

Water: average water needs; water regularly anddo not overwater; make sure the soil is very well-drained

Temperature:tropical/sub-tropical/warm (can tolerate moisture)

Fertiliser:Use a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly during active growth.


sap may cause acute dermititis (skin irritation) in some people
sap in the eyes is reported to causes blindness
Culinary Use: NA

Ornamental Use:grown for its brilliantly bi-coloured leaves - green at the top but maroon on the underside

Medicinal Uses:Though the plant is considered poisonous, it has beneficial uses as an antiparasitic, antipruritic, and haemostatic treatment.


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