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Known for it's fragrant wood, the sandalwood plant has the secnd-most expensive wood in the world. It is a slow-growing tree and both its timber and oil have commercial value.

Scientific Name:Santalum album

Common Names:sandal, Indian sandalwood, fragrant sandalwood, white sandalwood, chandan

Maximum Reachable Height:52feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:young plants may be attacked by pests; use insecticidal soap

Sunlight: preferfull sun but can grow in partual shade also

Soil:well-drained, organic, red or loamy soil

Water:water daily but don't allow water-logging

Fertiliser:use manure or organic fertiliser twice a month

Useful/Special Features:

scented wood used in making perfumes, soaps, cosmetics, incense etc.
timber is of high quality and used to make ornaments and furniture
sandal paste used to embellish the face of brides in Bengal
Culinary Use:produces an edible nut

Medicinal Use:

sandalwood oil used in traditional edicine to treat headaches andstomach ache
used as an antiseptic and astringent
helps with urinary disordars and genital disorders
used as a diuretic
can be used for smoothening of skin

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