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Celosia argentea var cristata venezuela

Celosia argentea var cristata venezuela

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English Names: Cockscombs, Brain Celosia, wool flowers.

Cockscomb is an annual herb and is very common as a garden plant. It is a quick growing and its leaves are lance shaped. Cultivated forms are available with green foliage and many flower colors and styles. Flower colors include red, yellow, orange, gold, and pink. Venezuela has dark pink plumes and green foliage.

Use: It is widely used as an ornamental plant. It is medicinally also important as it is used in treatment for intestinal worms, blood diseases, mouth sores and eye problems. The seeds treat chest complaints and the flowers treat diarrhea. The leaves are used as dressings for boils and sores

Height: 0.5 to 1 feet.

Difficulty to grow:Easy to grow

Care: Poorly draining planting sites can cause them to develop root rot. Celosia can be planted in the garden in the spring when temperatures will remain above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. They will be damaged if the temperature drops lower than that.

Sunlight:Full sun

Soil: Well drained soil with high organic matter.

Water: Regularly to make soil moist.

Fertilizer:Apply fertilizer with high amount of nitrogen.


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