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Also called star fruit, this lovely exotic round-the-year member of the familyOxalidaceae is native to Sri Lanka and Malaysia but grows just as easily across many other parts of Asia.

Scientific Name:Averrhoa carambola

Common Names:Carambola, Star Fruit, Five-Corner

Flower Colours:lilac or purple

Fruit:delicious, showy, oblong, star-shaped with deep rifges,and translucent light yellow in colour, mango-sized, and grape-like to the touch -firm yet juicy, watery, and hydrating

Leaves:bushy, evergreen, finely hairy, whitish, and 4 to 9 cm long; reactive to light, fold up at night, and sensitive to abrupt shock

Bloom Time: round-the-year in India

Maximum Reachable Height: 33 feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow in pots

Planting:only large and thick seeds are suitable; grow it directly in the ground or in a container; if grown in a container, it can be moved to a better spot in winter

Care:relatively pest-free; fruit flies and scale may attack; treat with insecticidal soap

Sunlight: full sun, but will tolerate partial sun

Soil: loamy, organic, well-drained soil

Water: do not over water, as this may cause the roots to rot

Fertiliser: spring to fall

Precautions:move to a greenhouse or a warm spot in winter; a layer of mulch around the tree should help preserve moisture

Useful/Special Features:NA

Culinary Use:fruit can be eaten fresh or cooked, juice used in iced beverages

Ornamental Use:the shape of the fruit is quite unique and adds to the beauty of your garden

Medicinal Use:fruit juice used to cure fever and soothe eye infection; fruit can help with bladder and kidney issues; ripe fruit used in ayurvedic treatment as digestive and tonic; othertraditional uses target everything fromasthma, colic, diarrhea,toothaches and nausea,throat infections, cough to food poisoning andmouth ulcers


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