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Calliandra, Dwarf

Calliandra, Dwarf

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Native to Bolivia, the powder puff plant is anunusualgarden plant. It is known for its brightly coloured flowers that attractbutterflies.

Scientific Name:Calliandra haematocephala

Common Names:powder puff plant, red powder puff, blood red tassel flower

Flower Colour:red

Bloom Time:spring to autumn

Maximum Reachable Height:10 inches

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:prone to mealy bugs and aphids; treat with neem oil

Sunlight:full sun

Soil:use any organic, well-drained soil

Water:water frequently during summer but reduce frequency during monsoon and winter

Fertiliser: use organic fertiliser twice a month after the first flower arrives

Useful/Special Features:it is an excellent fuelwood for small fires

Ornamental Use:the uniquely shaped flowers will look very attractive in your garden

Medicinal Use:

it has anti-inflammatory properties
it is an anti-convulsant
it helps the immune system
is used in treatment of ulcers

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