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Caladium pink gem

Caladium pink gem

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Caladiums come in many different colours. The pink gem kind have leaves with bright green edges and a salmon pink centre. This is a very low-maintenance houseplant and will make your home or office look even better.

Scientific Name:Caladium hortulanum

Common Names:caladium 'pink gem', elephant ear, heart of jesus, angel wings, malanga, stoplight, seagull, mother-in-law plant, Texas wonder

Maximum Reachable Height:30 inches

Difficulty to Grow:easy

Care:susceptible to aphids, whitefly, thrips, and mealybugs; treat with neem oil

Sunlight:bright indirect light and partial shade

Soil:well-drained, organic soil

Water:water when three-fourths of the soil becomes dry

Fertiliser: use liquid fertiliser every few weeks

Precautions:caladiums are toxic to dogs, cats, and horses

Ornamental Use: due to the spectacular colour of caladium leaves, it is often used in interior decoration

Medicinal Use:used in homeopathy for the treatment of various ailments


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