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Bougainvillea, Pink

Bougainvillea, Pink

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Native to Brazil, Peru, and Argentina, this favourite is known for its thickbunches of paper-like bracts that surround its brightly-coloured and round-the-year waxy flowers.

Scientific Name:Bougainvillea glabra

Common Names:Paperflower

Flower Colours:pink

Leaves:Green, 5 to 10 cm long

Bloom Time:all year round

Maximum Reachable Height:20 feet

Difficulty to Grow:Easy

Planting:the hole in the potting medium should be twice the size of the root ball; make sure the soil is tilled and is well-drained

Care: water sparingly andfertilize every few months; make sure the soil is well-drained so the roots don't stay soaked

Sunlight: 6 hours a day

Soil:needs fertile/loamy, moist, and well-drained soil

Water:keep the soil moist but do not let the roots stay soaked in water; ensure extra water drains

Fertiliser:slow-release fertiliser with moderate nitrogen once in spring and once in mid-summer

Precautions:the stems have sharp thorns

Useful/Special Features:if planted in proximity to a climber or creeper, the plants will entwine and grow together to form a thicket of flowers and leaves

Culinary Use:flowers and stems dried to brew tea

Medicinal Use:leaves used to treat stomach problems; leaves used in treatment of diabetes; infusion of flowers used in treating high blood pressure; used for treating cough and cold


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