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A perennial vine with glossy, heart-shaped leaves that are offered in India and Sri Lanka as a mark of respect and auspicious beginnings.

Scientific Name: Piper betel

Common Names:Betel, Betel Vine, Betel Pepper, Betle Pepper, Paan, Sireh

Flower: white; seasonal white flowers arranged in catkins

Fruit:fleshy, globose to ellipsoidal shaped

Maximum Reachable Height: 3 to 40 feet

Difficulty to Grow: medium

Planting:plant in spring or summer; if planting by cutting, take a stem of at least 18 cm; use a sharp knife to make a 45 degree cut just under a leaf node; remove all the leaves from the cutting except the top two; put the cutting in a jar with fresh water and place near a window; keep changing the water every two days; once sufficient roots appear, plant in a deep container or in the ground

Care:prune regularly after it reacher 2 m; occasionally attacked by red mites; treat with insecticidal soap

Sunlight: semi-shade

Soil:needs fertile/loamy, moist, and well-drained soil

Water:keep the soil moist but do not let the roots stay soaked in water; ensure extra water drains; avoid watering much during winters

Fertiliser:nitrogen-rich organic fertiliser every few months

Precautions:chewing betel leaves can be dangerous to long-term health

Useful/Special Features:leaves used for cultural rituals in Bengali wedding ceremonies

Culinary Use: chewed by Asians, often after meals and usually as a quid with betel nut and slaked lime

Medicinal Use: several positive and negative health effects are under study


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