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Beloperone Guttata, Red

Beloperone Guttata, Red

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The scientific name of this bold,evergreen, and flowering Central American shrubcomes from the Greek 'belos', an arrow, and 'perone', a bond, referring to the arrow-like shape of the leaves as they emerge from the stems.

Of course, the big attractions of this highly ornamental and very amenable houseplant are its white ear-like flowers surrounded byintense pink-redbracts thatlook like cooked shrimps. Attracts pretty birds!

Scientific Name:Justicia brandegeeana

Common/Other Names:Shrimp plant,Lollypop plant

Flower Colours:white ear-like flowers surrounded by very showy red to pink-bronzebracts, making the assemblage resemblea shrimp's body

Foliage:opposite, ovate, dark green leaves,up to 6 inches long andover 2inches wide

Bloom Time: starting early summer,flowers appear fairly continuously throughout the growing season/for upto 10 months a year

Maximum Reachable Height: 1 m tall (rarely more) with spindly limbs

Difficulty to Grow: very easy/low-maintenance


When not in flower in winter, the shrimp plant will benefit from resting for a few weeks in a cool room.
If spider mites and whiteflies appear on the plant, apply neem oil to affected areas.
Root Rot: Fungal diseases that cause decay and rotting of the roots and premature plant death.
Fungal leaf spotting or rust may afflict plants.
The leaves drop if the soil staystoo wet or too dry.
Sunlight: full sun

Soil: needs well-drained soil

Water:do not overwater; water when the soil dries up, but do not leave the soil dry for more than a day

Fertiliser: use any organic fertiliser twice a month in summers and once a month in winters

Culinary Use: NA

Medicinal Use: NA


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