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Banyan Bonsai

Banyan Bonsai

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The banyan is the national tree of India. It doesn't require a lot of care and is known for its several medicinal and industrial benefits. Get your own banyan bonsai and celebrate the pride of this majestic tree.

Scientific Name:Ficus benghalensis

Common Names:banyan, vad, bargad, bor, ber, vatnam, bahupada, nayagrodha

Maximum Reachable Height:100feet

Difficulty to Grow:medium

Care:this plant is very resilient and virtually care-free

Sunlight:full sun

Soil:any well-drained, moist soil

Water:water when three-fourths of the soil becomes dry

Fertiliser: use dorganic compost once a month

Useful/Special Features:

used as firewood
provides shade
fiber can be used to make ropes
prop roots used to keep hair healthy
paper can be made using the bark
Ornamental Use: as a bonsai, the size becomes manageable and so, itcan be used to decorate your home

Medicinal Use:

the bark and seeds can be used as a tonic to maintain body temperature and treat diabetes
roots can be used to brush teeth and strengthen them
sap treats skin bruising and inflammation

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