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Asparagus densiflorus sprengeri

Asparagus densiflorus sprengeri

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English Names: Asparagus fern, foxtail fern

This ornamental "cousin" to edible asparagus is popular for use in cut flower arrangements or growing as a potted plant. A tuberous-rooted, much branched plant with soft, green needles; true leaves reduced to thorns. Flowers small, fragrant, and white in small cluster; berries bright red.

Uses: Perfect for all kinds of containers, including window boxes, hanging baskets and combination planters. It makes a good small scale groundcover.

Height: 12-24" (30-60cm)

Difficulty to grow: Easy to grow.

Care: Asparagus needs regular watering, especially while young. Asparagus is a heavy feeder and fertilizer should be applied in mid-spring when they are actively growing. The plants will need to be cut in spring each year before new growth starts.

Sunlight: Partial shade

Soil:Well drained soil and porous.

Water: Medium

Fertilizers: Any Organic fertilizers.


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