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Aralia, Ming

Aralia, Ming

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Aralia ming has delicate branches and can be grown into a bonsai. It is primarily a foliage plant and has oriental looking leaves. It grows best if roots are compacted. This makes it ideal for small pots.

Scientific Name:Polyscias fruticosa

Common Names: Aralia Ming

Flower Colours: NA

Bloom Time:NA

Maximum Reachable Height:6 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow

Planting: take stem cuttings in spring and dip in rooting hormone; give cuttings exposure to warmth and moisture; expect a slightly higher failure rate than other houseplants; repot every year a the plant outgrows the pot

Care:aralia ming is relatively resistant to light conditions and is rarely infested by pests; take care not to over-water

Sunlight:bright sun, preferably morning light

Soil:organic soil with perlite or vermiculite

Water: water thoroughly and let the soil dry slightly before watering again

Fertiliser:use dilute mixture of liquid fertiliser two to three times a year; do not fertilise in winter

Precautions:sudden drafts, extreme temperatures, and a lack of nutrients can cause yellowing of leaves

Useful/Special Features:a study on rodents demonstrated that root extracts increased life span

Culinary Use:can be used as a spice

Ornamental Use:because of its oriental look, aralia ming is often picked as a decorative plant; it can be grown into beautiful Bonsai

Medicinal Use:leaves are used as a tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin, and anti-bacterial ointment; root can be used as diuretic and to treat rheumatoid pain


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