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Angelonia, White

Angelonia, White

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The small, pretty, white flowers make angelonia look delicate but it is very easy to grow and care for. Native to West Indies and Mexico, this tropical perennial will look wonderful in your garden.

Scientific Name:Angelonia angustifolia 'Alba'

Common Names:summer snapdragon

Flower Colours: white

Bloom Time:June to September

Maximum Reachable Height: 1.5feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow

Care: no serious insect or disease problems; watch for aphids and powdery mildew

Sunlight:full sun

Soil: moist, well-drained, organic soil

Water:water only when the soil gets dry

Fertiliser:give light feeding with liquid fertiliser once a month

Culinary Use:the leaves and flowers are edible and can be used to spruce up a salad

Ornamental Use: the beautiful infloresence makes angelonia a good choice for decorative flower beds

Medicinal Use: has anti-inflammatory properties


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