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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

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Known for its several benefits, the aloe vera is a succulent plant that is common in many households. It doesn't take a lot of care and is very easy to grow. Extract itsgel, which can be storedfor long periods of time, and use as needed.

Scientific Name: Aloe vera

Common Names: Burn Aloe, First Aid Plant

Flower Colours:orange and green

Bloom Time:winter

Maximum Reachable Height:3 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow

Planting:use a terra cotta pot for best results; to propogate by division, separate offset from mother plant; dip offset in rooting hormone and plant in potting mixture

Care:common diseases include root rot, stem rot, fungal stem rot, leaf rot; water sparingly and keep in bright light;susceptible to mealy bugs and scale; treat with neem oil

Sunlight:bright sun

Soil:use regular potting mix soil with perlite or building sand

Water:wait till soil is completely dry before generously watering

Fertiliser:use a phosphorus-heavy, water-based fertiliser at half strength; fertilise once a year in spring


Useful/Special Features:extracted gel is used in many beauty care products

Culinary Use:some believe eating aloe vera helps people with diabetes; it is also a good laxative

Ornamental Use:the shape of the succulent leaves are unique to this plant; decorate your garden or patio with aloe vera and show off its benefits the next time you have company

Medicinal Use:aloe vera gel ca be harvested to treat cuts and minor burns; purifies air


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