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Alocasia Variegated

Alocasia Variegated

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There are over 70 varieties of hybrids and rhizome sof the alocasia plant. This variety has uniquely shaped, variegated leaves and long stems. It is the perfect choice for someone looking for an exotic houseplant that is low maintenance.

Scientific Name:Alocasia sanderiana

Common Names:Giant Taro, Elephant Ear Plant, African Mask Plant

Flower Colours:bright butter yellow

Bloom Time:spring and summer

Maximum Reachable Height:4 feet

Difficulty to Grow:easy to grow

Planting:can be grown from seeds, bulbs, or rhizomes; for growing by rhizome division, cut a piece from underground; keep it in moist and warm conditions till some growth seen; plant in a well-drained pot with slightly alkaline soil

Care:cut old leaves with a sharp knife when they start to wither; treat with neem oil if infested by mealy bugs, scales, mites, or aphids; do not over-water, keep leaves dry, and air circulated to avoid leaves from getting dark spots with yellowish rims

Sunlight:bright indirect light

Soil:loose, crumbly, loamy soil that is slightly alkaline

Water:keep your alocasia in moist soil always; they do well in humid conditions

Fertiliser:use a slow-release fertiliser every two weeks; if leaves start looking burnt, reduce frequency of fertilising

Precautions:this plant is poisonous if uncooked; keep away from pets

Useful/Special Features:eating cooked leaves in coconut milk improves sexual performance

Culinary Use:all parts of the plant are edible if thoroughly steamed or boiled

Ornamental Use:the giant fronds are uniquely coloured, making this plant an exotic houseplant

Medicinal Use:roots used to treat swollen lymph glands;wood used to treat diarrhoea and stomach issues; sap of the stem is used to treat earache and boils in the ear


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