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All the way from tasty pakoras to beauty care, this easy to grow houseplant is a common favourite in Indian households because of its many uses.

Scientific Name: Trachyspermum ammi

Common Names:Ajwain, Ajowan Caraway, Carom, Bishop's Weed, Mexican Mint, Patharchur

Flower Colours:white with pinkish mark on each petal

Bloom Time:March

Maximum Reachable Height: 2 feet

Difficulty to Grow: easy to grow

Planting:can be through seeds and cuttings; plant seedlings after two weeks of maturation; for richest foliage, grow in alkaline soil with not too much organic matter; to grow from cuttings, use sturdy, de-leafed stalks and plant into a few inches of soil

Care: occasionally prune dead leaves; this plant doesn't need too much nurturing; it does not get affected by pests; do not over-water

Sunlight:can grow in complete sunlight but prefers partial light and partial shade

Soil:acidic soil, neutral soil, or clay loam

Water:ajwain needs regular watering and prefers moist soil; do not over-water and wait for three-fourths of the soil to dry out before generously watering again

Fertiliser: organic manure

Precautions: some people may be allergic to this plant; allergic reactions include nausea, vomiting, and headache

Useful/Special Features:some use ajwain in the treatment ofgrey hair

Culinary Use:ajwain seeds and leaves areoften used in Indian cooking

Ornamental Use:NA

Medicinal Use: used for treating acidicty and indegestion, common cold, ear and tooth ache, common cold, and arthritis related pain


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